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Hi All,

My name is I'Asiah (Eye-Asiah), and I am a licensed master social worker (LMSW).  

During the pandemic, God called me to launch Peace and Preparation! God told me to share my passion for writing, and healing to help his people! So, here we are!

Peace and Preparation is a collection of my personal experience, poetry, and my work as a licensed social worker (LMSW). They each coincide with each other. My goal is to provide you with as many tools and information to encourage, uplift, and motivate you. I now offer one on one mental and emotional coaching. You have the option of paying per session or signing up for one of our two monthly plans.

Through coaching, I provide you with tips, encouragement, and helpful instruction on your road to healing and discovery of self.  Journey with me, as we embark on healing, well-being, and living our divine purpose.


Peace and Blessings,



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