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Are You Struggling With Low Self-Esteem? Here Are Reminders |Tips For You!

1. You Are Enough

This statement may sound cliche, but it is true. You are enough as you are. There are so many wonderful skills, talents, and abilities that you were birthed with. Take time if you already haven’t, to discover what they are. You don’t need to be in anyone but the person you were created to be, and trust me, that is enough. Understand that you are different, we all are. No two people are exactly the same, not even twins!

2. Surround Yourself With Positive/Encouraging People

There is someone that you can think of, that’s always uplifting, sees the best in you, and is encouraging you to see those things too. This is a forever friend, a forever person. If you have multiple people in your life who provide this, what a blessing it is to find your tribe! One of the most significant aspects of transforming your self-esteem is being able to be around the people who are positive and encouraging you to see and be positive.

3. No One Is Perfect

Let’s be real. We throw around the word toxic A LOT. Well, truth be told, we live in a toxic society! A toxic world!! Instant gratification, competition, and this delusional belief of how we should acquire material possessions. I could literally go on and on about this. But, back to the topic at hand. There is no such thing as perfect. We mess up, we make mistakes, and we make poor choices and decisions. However, we are resilient! We are overcomers, and that means, we aren’t perfect, and that’s okay. God, our Creator doesn’t expect us to be!

4. Learn To Listen To Your Voice

We listen to SO many people. Friends, family members, church leaders, etc. Now, let's be clear, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least not all the time. However, when your voice gets lost, and you feel confused, it is time to spend some time alone to figure out what your heart and mind are saying. It’s time to spend some time with God and gain clarity and direction. Believe it or not, spending time with God is also spending time with yourself. It provides you with insight, revelation, and many ideas and understanding of your life purpose. You’d be surprised at the answers to many of the questions you’d receive, by spending time alone, in meditation and prayer! Not to mention the peace of mind!

5. Be Good To Yourself

Unfortunately, it is so easy for us to be good to other people. Encourage others, listen to others, help others, and love others. But what about yourself? It’s time to give yourself that same energy. It’s time to practice your affirmations, look yourself in the mirror and love yourself. Seems like it’s hard at first, but the more encouragement you provide to yourself, the more your self-esteem and confidence will increase! You will literally start feeling better about yourself! Trust me, I practice it daily!

These are just a few! But nonetheless, a start! Enjoy the process!


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