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Don't Compare nor Complain: See Your Blessings.

Dear Faithful Readers,

Thanks for checking in, even when I haven’t posted weekly. I appreciate you all and your patience with me. To be transparent with you, I’ve been working and trying to create a healthy regimen. When I’m not providing therapy, I’m at the gym, going for walks to get away from my desk, (and out of my head)! I’m also working on enjoying my life so that I can be inspired to write and share with you all. I’ve learned that sometimes taking a break from social media, and other devices that can be distracting can help reignite that flame of what you are passionate about! Nonetheless, my purpose for writing to you today is to share a wonderful quote my good friend Cantina shared with me, “What God can do for others, He can do for you and so much more!

One day I found myself comparing my life to Instagram and other social media influencers who had gained momentum within their work. I started feeling down, hopeless and a bit deterred from doing what I enjoy; writing. While in the car, Cantina began to share with me how a family member of hers overcame hardships and struggles and is currently living the life that she desired. Guess what my response was? PITY!!! A pitiful look!

My friend looked directly at me and said, “I’Asiah, What God can do for others, He can do for you and so much more. Always remember that.”

When Cantina shared this quote with me, I couldn’t help but express gratitude to God! Sometimes when we are feeling like we aren’t getting the things we want, or comparing ourselves to others, and where they are at in their lives, or even the things that they have, we lose sight of what God can do. I guess this is what God means when he says don’t covet your neighbor. I mean why should we. We have the same opportunities; mornings, nights, and breath of life as others. We must learn to understand that just like God blessed them with gifts (skills, abilities, and purpose) he has blessed you too. He can give you those things and more. It may not be the same blessing, but I can guarantee that it’s exactly what you need, because it fits who you are.

We don’t often talk about feelings of jealousy, envy, coveting (wanting something someone else has) self-pity, and self-loathing. It feels ugly, shameful, and overall bad. But the reality is that we are human, and we have all experienced these feelings at some point in time, whether we choose to admit it or not. Regardless of this, the root of these emotions points to self-esteem. Feeling like you aren’t enough, don’t have enough, and comparing what someone has to what you think you don’t have. Listen, if you ever feel this feeling, remember this, someone is praying for what you have (not coveting), and what God can do for others, he can do for you and so much more. Lastly, you will never be like someone else, because you were made especially to be you. When you focus on who you are inwardly, and trust in what/who God has made you be, I absolutely believe that you will see just how happy, healthy and lovable you are.

I hope this encourages, inspires, and uplifts you! Remember, take it easy; one breath, one hour, and one day at a time.

Peace and Blessings.



Victoria DeBose
Victoria DeBose

This gives me the reminder, ”what’s for you is for you“ no matter what other life’s look like. You don’t know the magnitude of what all they had to go through to get to where they are in that moment of “I want that, or I wish I had xyz, or what not me” makes me think 🤔 be very careful what thoughts and what comes forward when you see someone else getting there’s. Especially when the Father can do it for you! This bless me! thank you Queen!

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