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Feel My Light

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

How can I be a light to you,

Or you a light to me, if I scrutinize you and you scrutinize me?

I feel your judgment upon me, as you look at me from head to toe. Sizing me up and determining who I am.

I look at you and I see the pain you adorn and the hurt you try to hide from. I feel your inner child begging to be rescued, discovered, and saved.

I see that once upon a time. You were brave.

Before your desires and dreams were diminished to make belief and translated into fears.

I don’t see judgment, I see your need. I see your heart.

A gift from the one true Creator, our savior.

Lord, this person needs you, let me pray for you instead. Before I get too deep into my head.

Delineating from my obedience to God.

No, I won’t judge you, but I will empathize instead.

Using my heart and not my head.

For God’s mercy is everlasting.

So I now know my purpose and feel my passion.

To not scrutinize you, as you have scrutinized me.

In hopes that one day, you will come forth or so humbly.

Understanding that real love and truth requires not a pointed finger or an over righteous attitude.

In fact, it is by means of empathy, understanding, and gratitude.

May you find peace.

Let your pain be released.

So you too can help and be a light to others.


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