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God Got Me

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

God got it me, that I know.

God got me, it most definitely shows.

He’s my confidant, my friend, and my savior. It’s because of him that I realize that my life has been favored.

I humble myself because of his love and mercy I don’t always feel I deserve.

But I receive reminders when my prayers and cry’s have been heard.

Lord, I love you and thank you so much for loving me.

I will always work on my effort in expressing my gratitude through eternity.

Even when I’m feeling down or when I may fall short.

I will bow before you, repenting, and changes my ways.

In hopes that you will forgive me and extend my days.

So that I continue to serve you and praise your divine name.

With confidence, strength, and courage in my spirit, my mind, and my heart.

I will not allow anything to come between us, nor break us apart.

For you give me life, you give me joy, you give peace.

Speaking of you and praising you and adhering to you, is the LEAST I can do.

So on this journey, on this quest of life, you have given me, I will strive to do more and work harder to do what you created me for.

Serving my purpose for you and only you.

I love you, LORD!


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