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Heal Me

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I need healing.
Those feel good feelings.
I got anger, I got bitterness, I got resentment, I got unforgiveness.
What am I to do with this pain? What am I to do with this baggage?
I lost friends, I lost family, I lost a marriage.
I hate that they saw what you didn't see.
Abba, Elohim, Father?
Why couldn't they see the Lord in me? The God in me? Jesus in me!
I gave my heart, I gave my soul, I gave my love, I gave my truth.
What I got was lies, what I received was rejection.
What I was dealt, was loneliness and abandonment.
Lord where was your protection, where were you? Where are you?
But, it wasn't until I cried, I felt the relief of you nurturing my pain.
It wasn't until I confided in you, that I felt the hurt dissipate.
Dissappear. Gone.
I felt abundance, I felt strength, because you took me out of my pain, and created me in purpose.
You washed, clothed, and nursed me.
Thank you for dealing with me, hearing my anger, my cries and my screams. My pleas.
Thank you for healing me, King of kings.


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