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My Friend

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

My friend, my God, my Creator, woke me up today. Today, I can start the day anew because of you. You see so much in me that I struggle to see in myself. It is as if you whispered in my ear as I slept, telling me to wake up and praise you, give thanks to you as I stretch, yawn, and begin to live life again! My friend, you provide me with so much insight, allowing me to see myself through the eyes of others. Teaching me how connected we are because of you. My friend, you save me time and time again, from drowning in the depths of my sorrows, by providing me with people, family, and other friends, who through them, you speak to me. Uplifting my soul, giving me answers that I have searched so deeply for. My friend, my God, my Creator, my King. Can I be a friend to you? Can you show me how and what I can do? Your mercy and grace gives me a taste of closeness. All I want to do is be close to you my friend. I love you!


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