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Not Her

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

No, nope,

I am not that girl anymore.

No, I can’t be, I am not her anymore.

I’m not that girl who was once naive.

Shy, insecure, and easily deceived.

She didn’t advocate for herself and let others make decisions for her.

Indecisive, over righteous, unhappy.

I know who she is, but she is no longer me.

I had a long talk with her.

I said to her, don’t you wish you could have a conversation with God, and ask him why he created you?

Could you imagine what he’d say?

From then on.

I grew my strength, I became strong.

Strong enough to look in the mirror and see. That I was happy with the woman standing before me.

I had that conversation with God and said to him, change me into the woman you created me to be.

Let me step into who she is wholeheartedly.

So every day, I learn something new about this beautiful woman, inside and out.

Who turned her pain into success.

And what she goes after, she most certainly gets.

She’s faithful and trusting in God who esteemed her.

The one and only redeemer.

Now I know who I am.

A loving part of the Creator’s plan.


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