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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Let me be clear and express that I’m TIRED of trying to live up to other people's expectations. I'm seriously OVER IT! I don’t want to fit into anybody else's mold anymore. I’m grown enough and old enough to know that it’s time to live my own life. I’m smart enough and confident enough to know that even if I fail, I’m going to pick up and keep going and keep showing and keep flowing on, with this thing called life. I’ve become so much happier living for me and not for other people—no more looking to others for validation. No more looking to others for confirmation. I see the beauty in my own mind, my own personality, my own self!

People will try to hinder you because they’re stuck trying to figure out themselves, projecting their feelings, their emotions, their ideas, and their thoughts onto you. But you have your own mind, and I realize that I have my own mind, and while I might take someone's advice, at the end of the day, my life is God's, and I’m gonna live for the purpose that he created me for. I no longer care to overwhelm myself with thoughts about what people think of me, what I wear, how I look, what I say, or even what I'm doing with my life. Man is just like me; man makes mistakes like me, man has a sense of smell and taste like me, and man thinks and feels like me. My point is that people who may judge you, criticize you, or tell you how to live your life have a life just like yours that they should be focusing on. I'm not saying that their advice can't be helpful or good for you. But if their advice and/ or suggestings aren't uplifting you, supporting you, and providing you with sound wisdom, then it's probably not that good for you. You also have to take a realistic look at that person to really discern if they take heed to their own advice and are bearing fruit as a result of it. If the person isn't, then that's definitely one to be wary of!

At this stage/season of my life, this is how I feel; God knows me, God created me, and that’s why I trust in his guidance and his instruction for my life. In fact, my life has been so much better since I’ve been living up to God's expectations, doing my best to quiet others' voices, to include my own, and actually listen for God and to God. The Creator has shown me more mercy than man! God has shown me more patience than man! God has shown me more love than man! Do you know how I know? Because I’m still alive, I’m still breathing, I’m still happy, I’m doing well, and I feel good. Yes, we judge individuals; it is simply human nature. But God has provided people in my life who are loving, uplifting, and supportive. Supportive doesn't mean that they agree with everything that I may say or do, but they provide me with sound wisdom and advice. Not to mention, they're bearing good fruit! Please know that when you are serving more judgment and criticism than mercy and empathy to your brother/sister, you are apart of the problem.

I want to end this by saying, gain a genuine relationship with the Creator and lean on him for guidance and instruction for his purpose for your life. You'll get more answers, and you'll get the right answers. Live your life by his standards and not man's. Man didn't create man; God did. Lastly, each of us has a story to share, to tell. While your story may not be mine, and while you may not live the life that I live, I'm going to show you empathy and compassion or at least try to. Do me a favor, and try to do the same, if not for me, for someone else.


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