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Peace and Preparation Podcast: Son’s of God Series

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Hey ya’ll!!

I hope you all are feeling peaceful and receive this in good spirits! (Smiles)!

So, being that I started off by making you smile or at least smirk, I’m EXTREMELY excited to announce that Peace and Preparation has a podcast!!! Well, to be honest, I actually started podcasting back in November, but this is when I was struggling with learning how to market and create content!! However, through trial and error, I now get to revel in my excitement with you guys!! Yay!

As you can already tell by the title, the project that myself and guests have been working on, is called Son’s of God! Now, let me tell you how this project came about! To be transparent with you all, I became frustrated with seeing the injustices of black men, as well as the unlawful deaths of black men constantly in rotation on the news. Not to mention, I grew up in a low income neighborhood (the projects) where many of my male classmates died before reaching milestone ages, 18 and 21. As a little sister to older male siblings and a black father, the topic of black men has been tugging at my heart.

From that feeling, thoughts of my male family members and black men would constantly run through my mind. So, what did I do you ask? I started praying to God about his son’s. After all, I believe we are all children of the Creator. I started praying for their safety, strength, mental and emotional well-being. I started asking God to heal them, guide them and mold them into what He created them to be. God then began speaking to me, putting this topic of praying for His son’s on my heart frequently. In addition to this, I had conversations with close friends of mine, both male and female about my thoughts and prayers. My good friend Orayne, who is also on the podcast, suggested that I speak about it. In fact, he said, “This maybe God wanting you to do something about this. Talk about it on your podcast.”

I took this conversation up with God, and from then, he planted seeds of ideas into my heart and mind. Who he wanted me to talk to, how to create content, the list continues!!

Now, all of you get to hear the stories of these men, who are wonderful individuals, doing the best that they can, impacting their families, friends, colleagues and communities. Unfortunately, in our society, if someone doesn’t have thousands of likes, his story is irrelevant. But God has used me to highlight their relevancy; their stories, their journey’s. His son’s. Son’s of God.

Son’s of God will be available on Spotify starting February 3rd! What a beautiful start to Black History Month! Please enjoy, and keep in mind these are authentic conversations, with a few men of valor!

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