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Poetic Injustice

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

You did a number on my heart and maybe even my soul.

So now all my feelings are gone, absent, removed..cold.

I don’t hate you, but I don’t like you, I hope don’t ever feel spite for you.

But I will feel and I will feel and I will heal.

I damn sure will heal.

I always do, you left my mind, way before we were through.

As I moved on in my head, you continued to think of you instead.

Never a care as to what I was going through.

So, yes it feels so good to say I’m done with you.

It feels so good to write and express.

LORD knows my left hand has always been blessed.

Turning my pain into my greatest purpose.

Grateful to no longer be an animal in your circus.

Please excuse me to my audience, you probably know me to be a little modest maybe even shy.

But either I express it this way or I cry.

Nah, my tears ran out a long time ago.

I figured I step into the new, confident, sassy me, and be a little bold.


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