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Say So

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

You scoff at a sinner, but yet you’re a sinner.

Judging the behaviors of another.

But call yourself a brother.

Or a sister.

Or a father or a mother,

A friend.

No, you’re a foe.

Who observes others, and yet you believe you’re privileged to have a say so.

In how they are condemned and how they are corrected.

Like your righteousness is at peace and your deeds are perfected.

You must’ve forgotten God though.

You must’ve forgotten that he has the last say so.

That he will be observing you, the way you’re observing others.

Putting you to the test, the way the one you judged was put to the test.

So you can feel a sentiment of empathy.

And humble yourself, with true ambiguity.

Learning that life isn’t as linear as you perceived.

Giving you the opportunity to correct your ways and truthfully believe.


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