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Simple Girl

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I’m such a simple girl

A simple, simple girl

That admires life and love

Two things that rule her world

A life filled with happiness, bliss, and peace

With balance, spirituality, and positivity

A girl with a creative and vivid mind

Who has a knack for being responsible, reliable, and always on time

She’s determined to be loved forever, by the love of her life

That’s why it’s always been her desire to be a wife.

She wants her husband to feel like the strong, smart, and wise leader he is

So he is an example to the nation and their soon to be kids

She prides herself on taking care of the home,

Even though at times she needs to be alone

But only to pray, talk to her Creator, and revitalize her energy

It’s tough being an empath, that’s the reason for her fatigue and lethargy

She’s got a secretive rhythm and a strong but silent strength

So much so, that often people take her for granted and mistake her strength for weakness

She's far from weak, mysterious yes, curious yes

Observant and reserved by all means

A benefit she is on anyone's team

She is a simple girl

She is, simply me

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orayne williams
orayne williams
24 ago 2020

Simple and Strong Girl. Keep blessing us with your penmanship

Me gusta
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