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The Path

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

The road to recovery isn’t easy.

In fact, I’m in this dark tunnel and I’m yearning to see what’s ahead and what will be before me when I get out.

My mind races with thoughts and affirmations, versus whispers of failure.

I am strong, I am courageous, I am worthy.

I am a failure, I’ve made too many mistakes, what will people think of me?

But just as my weakness draws its sword, my strength encompasses it with its shield.

I began to think about my road, my path, which is between my Creator and me.

I seek His forgiveness above the man.

Man can’t do anything to me, but shame me, for their same contradictory.

Man is mere, man is human, and man makes mistakes too.

Just as you judge me, I can damn sure judge you.

Pointing out your flaws and shortcomings.

Humming your misdeeds and cackling at your depression.

But, I rather not.

In fact, I much rather be a blessing.

Praying for your uprise, covering your sins with prayers to God to forgive you.

Because like me, mere man, I have sinned too.

Like me mere man, I have failed too.

But the difference is I get back up and reflect on mine, not hers, not his, mine.

Where I went wrong and what I need to change.

So that I can see the sunshine peak through this dark, dark tunnel.

When I see it I will know, that I’m now on the right path, so close to my goals.

The road to recovery isn’t easy.

It comes with ups and downs,

Challenges and triumphs.

But I’m ready for change, and I’m ready for the path that The Most High has already ordained.


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