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Too Good

Sweet girl, you are just too good.

You are too good to be overlooked and passed by.

You are too good to hide behind the persona of being fearful and shy.

You are too good to stay stuck in that cocoon.

Baby girl, pretty girl, special girl, get ready, it’s time for you to bloom!

You are two good for inconsistencies, and immaturity.

You are too good, for constant trauma and issues with baby mamas.

You are too good to be tested, to be left as an option, and not chosen as the choice.

You are too good to speak low and not utilize your voice.

You are too good to not fight for your self worth and not live out your dreams.

You are too good for lowly thinking and lack of self-esteem.

Precious girl, precious jewel.

Do you not realize who you belong to?

You were crowned and anointed by the King himself.

You were molded and tailored by the author of life.

You are so much more than a girlfriend, a situationship, a baby mother. No, you are a wife!

It is He that established wisdom and favor upon you.

So get up, hold your head up and do what you have to do!

Precious pearl, in this ungodly world.

Let your light shine.

It is your time sweet girl.

It is your time.

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Beautiful!! Just Beautiful!!!

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