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Transformative Period

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Have you ever felt like who you are right now isn’t exactly the person you want to be? Daydreaming about that person. She looks like you, but she’s different. She’s stronger, wiser, happier, more confident and she knows who she is. The other day I was reading a post on Instagram, (I posted it below for you to see as well) and the message I gained from the post was that I know who I truly am. Separate from what I was taught, where I grew up, culture conditioning, and people’s opinions of me. I’m so ready to become her, in fact, she was always there. I’m shedding the selves that never reflected the true me. I’m transforming like a butterfly when it emerges out of its cocoon. I’m stepping into the real me. Happy, free, and excited to embark on new experiences. Yes, this transformation comes with purging of old ways and old habits, but I’m ready to face those acts of healing. I’m ready to face my fears!!


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