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Trust The Process

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Lordt! This process is tough Will it get easier? Is my creations even touching the souls of your people? GOD, am I even living out my purpose? I’m so tired of putting in the work and it doesn’t seem like it’s materializing. What am I not doing?

These are questions and conversations that I often have with God. Especially, when I’m feeling stagnant, and unmotivated. Today just happens to be one of those days. I’m tired ya’ll! I work multiple jobs, I consider my blog and my podcast to be work, along with being a therapist and working a part time retail job. So yes, I work a lot!

Despite me considering my blog and my podcast work, I love it. It is the most creative I‘ve ever been! But, sometimes I get frustrated. I become frustrated when I share my work, and I don’t see the results I’m trying to obtain. Is frustrating to see one person view my work, or none at all. For me, this is my purpose, the reason I was created. I genuinely want to touch peoples souls and impact them in helpful ways. So when I see all of these successful individuals who are doing what I’m doing, I get weary and impatient. The building stage, is a tough process. My good friend, is the reason I’m writing today, because she provided me with a word of encouragement. TRUST THE PROCESS. Whether you receive one view, one listen, one like, TRUST THE PROCESS. When you see others prospering, or reaping their harvest, still TRUST THE PROCESS. Keep planting, watering, caring for and nurturing your work. Your purpose. None of what you are doing is in vain, even if it hasn’t materialized in the way that you want it to right now. Trust that it will! Your work is touching someone. That’s really most important.

Sharing this with you all is so therapeutic. Sometimes, I can be an open book when it comes to my feelings, but it’s because I’m doing my best to be authentic. I like to talk about and write about things that a lot of people think, but I are just afraid to share. I hope this helps you along your journey. Trust me, you are not alone!

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Yahela Dawson
Yahela Dawson
Dec 05, 2021

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