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Confidence, glad to say I finally know what that means.
Because for a while I struggled with low self-esteem.
It took me a while to learn that physical appearance would never equate to happiness or success.
And it doesn’t always make a difference when it comes to style and how you dress.
In fact, I just got tired of trying to impress people.
Who can never sit at the table with me, let alone be my equal.
In no way am I trying to be vain.
So give me a sec and let me explain.
I learned that my beauty stemmed from my character, my qualities and my dreams. 
My attitude, my outlook on life, and what all these things mean.
God saved me, trained me.
Nursed me back to health, to self. 
The woman HE created.
And so I AM elated! 
To step into the purpose and plan HE has for me.
That is, peace and preparation, you see.

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