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7 Tips For Discovering Who You Are!

Updated: Mar 19

For a long time, in fact, as long as I can remember I have been on a quest to discover who I am. I went about it by searching for it through love, school, family, and friends! But little did I know, no one can tell you who you are, no one can love you to be who you are, and no one can teach you how to be who you were created to be! You literally have to embark on your own self-discovery! So please see below for my tips on how I discovered who I am.

1. I asked questions!

Whether you refer to God as the Creator, as the Source, Universe, God, etc. I refer to God as Abba (which means Father in Hebrew). Ask Him! Ask God, ask the Creator, ask the Source, who you are, and who you were created to be. Ask as many questions as you can think of! No question is too much, silly, or ridiculous. Ask away. Your questions will be answered. Now don’t expect instant answers, ask and be patient.

2. I talked to God through prayer and meditation.

I learned a lot about myself through prayer and meditation. Now prayer and meditation mean different things to do to different people. However, prayer for me, was and still is conversations with God while cooking, cleaning, or just sitting in bed. I speak to God and pray to God often. Meditation to me is journaling. I write often in my journal to God. Telling Him what I’m thinking and feeling, whether happy or sad, good or bad. I let it all out!

3. I spent time alone.

Now this one was not by choice, but during my many conversations with God, Abba wanted me to take time for myself. Not because He wanted me to be alone, but because being alone provided me with the ability to quiet the voices of other people. Even my own voice. Being alone gave me the opportunity to hear God clearly. Not only that, I began to learn about things I enjoyed doing because there were times when I became BORED. Spending time alone helped me to feel the emotions that I was running away from. Spending time alone taught me that I didn’t need external validation to be loved and to be enough.

4. I watched youtube!

Now, let me be clear, I watched youtube videos on people who were on the same journey as I was. Some of these individuals were further along in their journey, so I was able to gain helpful tips from them. I listened to their experiences and the choices they made, which helped them along their journeys. I will definitely share these YouTubers in a future post!

5. I spent time with quality friends.

This is a BIG one! When I say quality friends, I mean friends who valued me, appreciated me and were uplifting me. Basically, I surrounded myself with positive people. Quality people motivate you, inspire you, and help you along your journey. These individuals want to see you happy, thriving, and healing. On your journey, you will lose people, but God will provide you with the right people.

6. I began to heal.

When you follow these tips, you ultimately began to heal. You began to grow, mature. and gain more insight into who you are. Now please note, that healing is not pretty. Healing can be many nights of crying, several tears, anger, frustration, and a bunch of other emotions. But don’t prevent it from being released. Let it all out and talk to God about it. You will begin to feel lighter, happier, and stronger!

7. I loved on myself.

Please learn to love on yourself. Take time to discover what that means to you. If that is getting a mani and pedi, do it. If that is taking yourself out for dinner, do it. If that is walking, jogging or hiking, do it. Do the things that you enjoy often. Of course with wisdom and responsibility, but do the things you feel in your heart are enjoyable to do.

These are just a few tips, that I could talk about it in greater detail, but I will save that for future post. I hope this helps!


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