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I'm Back!

Updated: Mar 8

Hi All!

I hope each of you are well!

It’s been a long time. Two years to be exact! 

Where have I’ve been you ask?

Working, serving and resting!

Unfortunately, I could not work two jobs and keep up with P&P. However, God said, it’s time to get back to the grind!  So I’m back and therefore I welcome you all back as well.

Peace and Preparation is undergoing so many changes, redefining and fine tuning. However, the overarching theme is to empower, encourage and uplift you all. Although we experience the ebbs and flows of life, the reality is life does not stop for us. It does not stop when we are tired, weary, and struggling. It does not  stop when we are facing the daily challenges of life. So, I want to get back into committing to serving the Creator’s people, by reminding you that you are not alone. 

Hence me welcoming you back once again. Moving forward, my goal is to release a poem, a word, or some type of encouragement weekly. In hopes to walk with you through your own journey.

If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at I greatly appreciate you and your suggestions.

I’m looking forward to part two of this new journey, new season with you!

Peace and Blessings,



Yes! Awesomeness is back! I am excited to see how Holy Spirit uses you to reach His children! 🙏🏾🤍🙏🏾

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your support Victoria!


YASSSSSS!! I am so happy you are back!! God is doing amazing work in your life and we all need your light!!

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Thank you my beautiful sister and friend!🙂


Congratulations, thrilled to have you back!!!

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Thank you Queen M! I can't wait to feature you!😉

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