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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Oh boy! This one is going to be so real, so vulnerable. Hurt, you know when you feel it in the core of your belly, but you try to shake it off. Ignore it, and pretend that isn't connected to your innermost thoughts. That's how I feel. I feel hurt. I feel anxiety and stress. There are so many thoughts that encompass my mind that I suppress, which is my hurt. About the past, about the present, and even the future. Y'all, I just want to heal. From generational curses, ancestral issues, all of the above. Have you ever thought about your life and wondered, why is this happening to me? Trust me, those thoughts have crossed my mind plenty of times! LORD knows I'm trying to figure out every detail of my makeup. My path and everything that was written about my life. But I'm learning to be patient with myself, and pick up on the ways that God speaks to me. Because he does speak to me. Through people, things and so much more. You just have to be intuitive with yourself and your thoughts and feelings. Observe yourself, observe you. So much healing will take place. You'll learn the triggers, the pain, and where the hurt stems from. Try it out and see what happens. I'm praying for you. Be patient with yourself, tender and caring as you would a friend or family member that you love. Take care of yourself. Nurse your hurts, and don't blame yourself. Understand that life is a learning process, that takes you through steps and stages of development on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.


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